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The best and most effective way to reach ENT For Kids is by calling us on our business number @ 803-457-8120.

Contact ENT For Kids staff at 803-457-8120 in Columbia, SC.

Reasons to Contact ENT For Kids

    • Do you have questions or concerns regarding your child’s ears, nose, or throat?
    • Does your child have difficulty sleeping through the night?
    • Does your kid have trouble hearing at home or school?
If your child is having any issues with his or her ears, nose, or throat, give us a call @ ENT For Kids.

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Where to Get In Touch

Our ENT practice is located in Fontaine Business Center at 200 Arbor Lake Drive, Suite 120, Columbia, South Carolina 29223. We are right near The South Carolina Retirement Systems building visible from Highway 277. You can also check our map to find our office location. If you would like more information regarding our kid-friendly ENT practice and the services we provide, please give our staff a call at 803-457-8120. We can also receive faxes at our ENT practice location by dialing 803-457-8129.


We wish you and your child the very best with his or her ENT care. For any questions you may have, please contact us whenever you are ready. You can also start reading more about ENT For Kids today! We look forward to seeing you and your child soon at our pediatric ENT office!

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Contact Us at ENT For Kids

200 Arbor Lake Drive
Suite 120
Columbia, SC 29223


Phone: 803-457-8120
Fax: 803-457-8129