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Need Reasons to Visit?

Teddy bear comfort and care provided at ENT For Kids.

Is your child having trouble sleeping through the night? Is your child having any issues hearing in class or at home? Are you looking for a professionally respected pediatric ENT doctor?


If your answer to one or more of the above is “yes” and you live in Columbia, South Carolina, please consider us at ENT For Kids. We are near Highway 277 off Farrow Road in Fontaine Business Center.


Kids play outdoors more often when healthy.If you are still undecided, please read and consider our “Top 10 Reasons to Visit” at your convenience. Our services include sleep and hearing tests in addition to professional ear, nose, and throat care. If you have any questions regarding our ENT practice, please call our office at 803-457-8120. We always look forward to hearing from you.


Top 10 Reasons to Visit ENT For Kids

Top 10 reasons to visit ENT For Kids in Columbia, SC.  

  1. Pediatric otolaryngologist who is board certified in Otolaryngology and Sleep Medicine. Dr. Fred T. Garner currently has 37 years’ experience treating children here in Columbia, SC.  He is the only ENT physician in the South Carolina Midlands with his unique credentials.
  2. Convenient location in Fontaine Business Center near downtown Columbia. We are just 4 short miles from Prisma Health Children’s Hospital on on Medical Park Drive.
  3. Outpatient services provided at Prisma Health Children’s Hospital and Palmetto Surgery Center (which are both close to our existing ENT For Kids practice).
  4. Kid-friendly office environment where kids can focus their attention on having fun and getting better!
  5. Convenient business hours and scheduling options for working families.
  6. Physician always on-call 24/7 to assist if there are ever any emergencies day or night.
  7. Our own sleep lab and hearing center to monitor, diagnosis, and treat sleep disorders as well as hearing issues in your child.
  8. Our own audiologist, Jamie Monzingo AuD, who joined us in Late November 2017. She treats patients who are newborn to age 21.
  9. Experienced ENT staff  team who are focused on your child’s well-being and really enjoy caring for youthful ears, noses, and throats.
  10. Informative website with helpful resources to assist parents with their ENT questions and concerns.


Need other reasons to visit ENT For Kids? Please visit our patient testimonials page.


Your Reasons to Visit

Top 10 reasons to visit ENT For Kids in Columbia, SC.  

Do you have your own reasons why you visit ENT For Kids? If there are reasons why you visit ENT For Kids that we did not include above, please share them with us. Our patients and their parents are very important to our practice and our belief in knowledge sharing. Next time you visit, please let us know.


We love hearing from our patients! We really do appreciate “hearing your reasons” for visiting us at ENT For Kids!