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Services for Little Ears, Noses, and Throats

Children are running and playing outside in a field.Comprehensive services for young ears, noses and throats are offered for children and adolescents at ENT For Kids in Columbia, SC.  Does your child often experience ear or sinus infections? Dr. Garner specializes in the treatment of ear and sinus infections in children. Does your child have trouble sleeping throughout the night? We also provide diagnosis and treatment options for sleep disorders, utilizing our own sleep lab. Here we closely monitor all aspects of your child’s sleep patterns, while performing sleep studies.  Does your child having trouble hearing? If so, our practice performs hearing tests and offers hearing aid services as well. Our ENT practice works closely with both the Carolina Sleep Institute and the Columbia Hearing Center to provide high quality, comprehensive ENT services. We are always happy to assist any child in need.


Pediatric ENT Services

Pediatric ENT examinationAll children are very unique. And so are the health issues a child faces with his or her ears, nose, and throat. We, at ENT For Kids, understand and are equipped with the staff and resources to provide your child with the appropriate and necessary treatment options for any ENT issue. With 37 years’ experience, Dr. Garner and staff have seen many different ENT health issues in children of all ages. He and his staff have gained the knowledge and skills necessary to care for and treat many pediatric ENT health issues. Common health issues include outer ear infections, otitis media (or inflammation of the middle ear), sinusitis, sleep apnea (sometimes referred to as “obstructive sleep apnea”), and tonsillitis. If your child needs professional ear, nose, throat, or head and neck care, please consider our pediatric ENT services at ENT For Kids in Columbia, SC.


Sleep Services For Kids

young toddler sleepingAt the Carolina Sleep Institute, a division of ENT For Kids, we also perform sleep services and studies on all children, from birth to 21 years old. Our sleep lab at the Carolina Sleep Institute in Columbia provides a child with a clean, comfortable, and kid-friendly environment. This is where his or her sleep can be monitored overnight. Our trained sleep center staff can also provide kids with anything they need to enable their best sleep. For an overnight visit, a parent or guardian is required to spend the night with their child. Often times, a parent’s presence enables their child to get to sleep faster. Once a child is asleep, we can do our job by monitoring their sleep patterns closely to determine exactly what is going on. After a thorough evaluation of the acquired sleep data, we then give you a diagnosis and provide you with the best treatment options available.


Hearing Evaluation Services and Hearing Aids

Child hearing services are provided at ENT For Kids.At the Columbia Hearing Center, a division of ENT For Kids, we provide our young patients with comprehensive diagnostic audiological evaluations. Hearing evaluations and services are completed to diagnose and treat a variety of hearing issues in children. We also provide and fit for assistive devices to improve and enhance your child’s hearing. Our affiliation with the Columbia Hearing Center enables us to provide children with a comprehensive range of hearing aid services as well. Our ENT staff work closely with audiologist, Jamie Monzingo, AuD. She is available at the Center in Columbia to assist with your child’s hearing needs. After your child receives his or her hearing services, we always encourage ongoing evaluations and maintenance of hearing aids, including hearing aid check-ups and cleanings. In addition, the Columbia Hearing Center is affiliated with First Steps SC and Children’s Rehabilitative Services.


Ready to Schedule a Visit With Us?

If you are ready to schedule an appointment with us, please give our office a call at 803-457-8120. Appointment requests are taken by phone. We always do our best to schedule and confirm a day and time that works best for everyone. We look forward to your call anytime during normal business hours. Feel free to also check out our list of accepted insurances. You can always contact us at ENT For Kids if you have questions or concerns.