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Columbia Hearing Center

A division of ENT for Kids, LLC

Columbia Hearing Center offers comprehensive pediatric audiology services and care to meet the individual needs of our patients. Services are available for children from birth – 21 years old.

Dr. Monzingo performs a hearing test and other audiology services.


Meet our own audiologist, Dr. Jamie Monzingo, here at ENT For Kids and the Columbia Hearing Center. She is happy to provide our patients with comprehensive audiology services that adhere to high standards of care.


Audiology Services include:

  • Hearing evaluations

    (Age appropriate) including air conduction, bone conduction, speech reception, and word recognition testing through behavioral observation, visual reinforcement, conditioned play, and traditional audiology methods.
  • Distortion Product Otoacoustic Emission (DPOAE)

    Testing assesses the cochlea’s function. This simple test can be done with the child awake or asleep. It allows us to determine what frequencies the child can hear.
  • Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR)

    Testing assesses the threshold of hearing at the brainstem and the integrity of the hearing nerve. This test can be performed while the child is asleep or under sedation.
  • Hearing Aids (Fitting and Service)

    We provide the most current technology available and fit following a complete audiologic evaluation and hearing aid evaluation. Our hearing aid styles include very small in-the-ear hearing aids, receiver in the ear hearing aids, and behind-the-ear hearing aids. We mainly work with two hearing aid manufactures that specialize in pediatric products: Phonak and Oticon. We also work closely with several state programs that offer financial assistance to families to help with the cost of hearing aids.
  • Assistive Listening Devices

    May be used individually or in addition to your hearing aids. These devices improve the signal to noise ratio in order to improve hearing ability during challenging listening situations. Assistive listening devices are available to help understanding over the telephone, watching television, understanding at a distance in a noisy environment, and to listen at a distance.
  • Swim Molds

    (Custom) can prevent water from entering the ear by sealing the entrance to the ear canal. Keeping the child’s ears dry is an important step in preventing ear infections and possible hearing loss in the future.
  • Hearing Protection

    (Custom) critical for those who spend time in noisy environments either for recreation (hunting / shooting, lawn equipment, etc.). Our hearing protection products exceed the standard given by the OSHA for minimum sound attenuation (sound reduction).
  • Musician Plugs

    (Custom) to protect ears while being exposed to different levels of sound. These plugs utilize flat noise attenuation to protect, but still allow them to hear accurately. There are different levels of protection based on the amount of attenuation and the type of instrument the musician plays.


Is your child often waking up tired in the mornings? Maybe your kid has an underlying issue keeping him or her awake at night? If your child is having an issue falling asleep, you may want to consider our Sleep Services.


Dr. Garner is way beyond awesome!!! He is truly a man after God’s own heart….never have I ever seen a Dr that will grab hands with you and pray before a surgery!!! That was confirmation!!! Thank you for a job well done!!

Coren Clemons

Dr. Gardner is awesome. I love the fact that he has patience with my daughter. She really will talk his head off lol. He is a God fearing man. He has a prayer with us before and after surgery. Would not see another Ent if I had to.

Tiki Jackson

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